SIG members

Currently, there are more than 100 researchers from 30 countries on the SIG mailing list. Around 30 of these have joined past SIG meetings. Several colleagues have been coordinating research activities and have influenced policy developments on gender balance in ECEC in their countries.

SIG country contacts

The colleagues listed below are not elected representatives of their countries. They are contact persons who  
- can inform about relevant statistics, policy strategies and projects in their country (if available)
- know about research in the field of gender balance and engage in Networking
- support reflexive strategies for a better gender balance in ECEC in their country.

This list is always in process of change – please contact us if something is wrong or missing. 


Name and workplace




Prof. Dr. Bernhard Koch,

PH Steiermark


Dr. Jan Peeters

VBJK, Research Centre for Early Childhood Education and Care, Ghent University




Florence Pirard

Université de Liège, Faculté de Psychologie, Logopédie et Sciences de l’Education, Unité PERF (Professionnalisation en Education: Recherche et Formation)


Dr. Yuwei Xu
UCL Institute of Education, Centre for Teacher and Early Years Education (CTEY), London, United Kingdom



Prof. Dr. Tim Rohrmann,

Hildesheim University of Applied Sciences and Arts, ECEC coordinator


Dr. Þórdís Þórðardóttir – Thordis Thodardottir, Ass. Prof.

University of Iceland, Reykjavik,
School of Education, Faculty of education studies



Dr. David Brody, Associate Professor,

Efrata College of Education, Chair of Early Childhood Department, Jerusalem

New Zealand

Dr. Sarah Alexander

Research Centre
ChildForum Early Childhood National Network,         



Prof. Kari Emilsen

Queen Maud’s University College for Early Childhood Education, Trondheim


Dr. Christian Eidevald, Ass. Prof.

Göteborg University
City of Göteborg


Prof. Franziska Vogt

Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen



Dr. Ramazan Sak, Assist. Prof.

Dr. Ikbal Tuba Sahin Sak, Assist. Prof.

Yüzüncü Yil University, Faculty of Education, Department of Early Childhood Education, Van


United Kingdom

Dr. Jo Warin
University of Lancaster

Dr. Yuwei Xu,
UCL Institute of Education, Centre for Teacher and Early Years Education (CTEY), London

United States of America

Dr. Jean-Yves Plaisir,
Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York